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Welcome to the world of General Security Force. A world – that brings together the strength of Security and cutting edge of Security with care. GSF has carved a niche in the field of Security by ensuring competitive efficiency in any sphere of assignments. Futuristic view & up gradation with constant change is the essence in the field of protection. Dynamic infrastructure with intuitive operation and performance enable us to improve the Security Quotient and deliver a secure culture of service excellence.

Selection & Training

Right selection is the key & efficient training the brain behind a dynamic organization. Skill level & education of the work force determine productive capacity of the agency. Selection, Inspiration & motivation in the right proportion ensure a celebration of not just Security but also serving excellence. The Security personnel are subjected to screening prior to selection.


GSF is the leading Security agency of Chennai with a kaleidoscope of specialized service promoted and lead by a team of retired Defense personnel and Police officers since 1990. The meaning of life is not simply to exist the service but to move ahead – to go up – to achieve – to conquer. Our teams interpretation of Security is service with dignity. Our founder and chairman Mr.U.Balakrishnan with an experience of 28 Yrs has with his strategic assistance given the new millennium. The GSF – an organization committed to quality service his electric energy with leadership styles of flexibility in approach, diagnosing needs and contracting with sensitive role play has brought the force accolade. A dreamer – a visionary he has guided as the soar for beyond the realms of imagination be setting global norms and practices. 

Development level and leadership style are indirect proportion in GSF. The three goal areas of policy development, administrative & implementation has been achieved with participative leadership encouraging the staff to become high performance with great potential. He has built an organization in which peoples contribution were valued. Responsive style has encouraged staff to accept responsibility.

The structural leadership with practical approach has a stunning influence in management & motivation of staffs refluxing directly on their performance.

Good art happens when the artist concentrates on the art and not in the effort being created. This different stroke for difference folks has enabled the organization to sustain its rainbow hues. Many facts have been brought to the force with grace and lucidity knit into service format – the essence of innovative leadership.

The participative leadership with simplicity power and attitude is the nidus on which GSF has taken routes. The Endeavor of GSF is to be highly competitive in the field of Security – vision to be innovative with positive and commitment with assurance of integrity and quality service.

GSF continues to perform in a Stella fashion receiving growth through diversified market preserve and boosting our operational profitability and increase in integration activity.

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