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      GSF believes that time and effort is utmost important. So we work not only harder but smarter. Rewriting Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & track able is what has made GSF standout in the field of Security. The services we offer included with special levels of acumen, expertise, in-depth knowledge, experience & implementing concepts. Constant evaluation of needs and requirement of Indian industry & corporate service has enabled us to achieve global expertise with local approach. We believe that every one has a peak performance potential – you just need to know when they are coming from & meet them there. We have installed the sense of professionalism in our Guards to attain cost effectiveness. Rules are formed by taking into account the present day man power requirements of industries & customer focus.

Keen on testing New Guards in effectively encapsulated formulas & strategic alliances with select priority we force our clients with rest. We believe the Guard is a reflection of a agency.

Service Portfolio: Ours is a Customized Security plan with time and attendance system and mobile work force with specialized training for various personal industries & co operate segments.

Other Services: House keeping, Contract Labor, Corporate Service, Outsourcing and Tailor-made WorkForce Solutions

Front Office Services
 Front Office Guard
 Door Men
Professional appearance ability to case difficult situations is essential to maintain the decorum in the place posted. Our personnel are trained in telecommunication procedures & office etiquette besides emergency procedures. They are polite but firm & ensure a safe & secure  environment.

Corporate & Commercial Sector Services
 IT Sector Security Service
 Commercial Power Service
 Multiple Malls & Arcade Services
 Property Security for vacant lands, Building & other assets
 Hospital & Educational Services
Business , House, Corporate office, Retail outlets, etc..
Maintenance of Visitor Register, Time & Attendance systems regulations, incident reporting & CCTV Monitoring is done with practical strategy. Discipline & integrity is of paramount Importance as also the knowledge & still imported to our personnel which effects in their ability to tackle sensitive issues& situations with case & aplomb. First aid training enables them to look with confidence in the Hospitals.

Industrial Services
 Industrial Guards
 Armed Guards
 Construction Site Guards
Surveying Priority in posting Security personals is the dictum of GSF. Specialized training is imported to our Guards for various industry segments, material & vehicle movement register, occurrence book, record of keys is maintained with diligence. The checklist of key steps is followed methodically. Our “SPECIAL EYE SQUAD” Checks for sabotage & pilferage.

Cash management Services
 Banks & ATM Guards
 Armoured vehicle for transit & Confidential Documents
 Armoured Guards
Vigilance & Security is the most of motivated performance in monitoring Guarding & threats process. Stress is hard on the physical process & accurate marks man ship besides effects & situations bound reacting in posting of Guards & cash transaction places.

Personal & Event Security Services
 Body Guards
 Executive Protection
 Traffic Control Guards
We strive to pay best attraction to the problem of Clients Safety. Preparation & preplanning is essential to prevention & usage of physical strength or accurate mark men ship. Executive protection specialists perform with In-depth intelligence & tuned reflex to prevent potential attacks.

Emergency Services
 Fire Fighting
 Rescue Guards
Short & Regular rigorous training capsules ensure the personnel in keeping tighten fit to the core. They are trained well in defending & saving techniques. Regular fire Fighting Drills ensure effective action in protecting Man, Material & Machinery.

Patrol Services
 24 Hrs Patrol Service
 Anti Vandal Patrol Service
Our round the clock mobile patrol team compliments the 24 Hrs control room in Providing Security to all hours. The mobile works for a routine Early Morning Report (EMR), Mid Day Report (MDR), Evening Report (ER), Mid Night Report (MNR). Stringent Norms are followed to ensure high value Security.

Hospitality services Hospitality Services
 Resorts & Hotel Security
Our Elite Guards are a boon to the tourist segment. They discreet, Sensitive & very capable Service personnel’s. Interactive Plays & Confidence instilled in them resulting
powerful attitude adjustments triggering enthusiasm & spreading a feeling of goodness all around.
Canine Squad Services

Friends of men are always at your Service pedigreed & skillfully trained. Canine sniffer aid in detection of interlopes & Chemicals narcotics & lethal weaponing including explosives.

Intelligence Services

Information is power, our skills is not only intelligence gathering, but also providing solutions to the Problem which in turn deliver business benefit to our clients.

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