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Selection & Training

           Right selection is the key & efficient training the brain behind a Dynamic Organization. Skill level & Education of the work force determine productive capacity of the agency. Selection, Inspiration & Motivation in the right proportion ensure a celebration of not just Security but also serving excellence. The Security personnel are subjected to screening prior to selection. Besides Basic Qualification, proficiency in languages our personnel undergo drug screening also. The set physical standards skills & Interactive ability of the mind is strictly adhere to   Antecedent verification and credit worthiness has ensured quality service of GSF personnel. Our approach in recruitment places us in the foremost position even though the selection is from the local work force.


         Indepth training before and after assignment is important to our personnel so as to enable them to perform strenuous mental and physical tasks with ease and dexterity. Placement of right personnel at right position has given as and edge in clients satisfaction and overall work perfection. Strict compliance to international standards with strategies and positive approach to problem solving with powerful attitude and quality techniques is our forte. The most intimidating are the most rewarding, meting out stringent punishment will prevent repetation and improves Security quotient.
Four basic styles are training are imparted to our personnel.
Directing: Specific instructions are provided and task accomplishment is closely supervised
Coaching: Decisions are explained and suggestions are solicited, progress is appreciated.
Supporting: This facilitates personnel efforts towards tasks, accomplishment and shares responsibility for decision making.
Delegating: Decision making, responsibility & problem solving is handled with dexterity. Our personnel are tuted to the fact that expect more if you inspect more.
Our five steps in training has enhanced competence and commitment in the personnel
Tell them what to do
Show them what to do
Let them do
Observing performances
Praise progress
    With these directive & supportive concepts, the responsive style of the management has encouraged the personnel to realize the potential & accept responsibility.
    Positive approach to problem solving with energy and creativity ensures the performance in challenging situations. Our approach to focused training three folds. Inculcating, Ethics & Professionalism.
Pre Job Training
Intelligence acquisition
Building Public relations & Communication
Discreet methods of Frisking, Searching, Cordoning & Metal Detection
Management of Aggressive Behavior
Fire Fighting & Life Safety Drills
On Job Training
Maintaining of Records
Usage of Equipments
Material & Personal Movement
Access Control & Asset Protection
Fire Fighting & Life Safety Drills
Continued Field Update & Training
   The Personnel are regularly being updated on the latest development in the field of Security with case studies & System. Regular Security drills, Checking of physical Standards, Knowledge & skills is done to ensure the high Caliber of Service. Besides this surprise inspection & rotation of guards with performance appraisals has enabled us to offer reliable service with expertise.
   The personnel of GSF are loyal & proactive. They have been provided with many facilities & benefits living quarters & mess with conveyance wherever applicable is provided. Monetary benefits include ESI, PF, Insurance, Loans, Bonus & Pension. Medical care has ensured healthy Security personnel in GSF.

Awards & Rewards

Timely pay with performance incentives & medical benefits are give to the personnel.
“There is nothing so unequal as
      The equal treatment of Unequals”
We have a record keeping system to track performance. Good performance were goes unnoticed in GSF.
G-Max Award – Best Staff with good remarks in all establishment wherever posted.
Minutes Man Award – Best Attendance.
Peak Performance Award – Stell Event Performance.
G – March Award – Longest Service.
Social Commitment & Involvement of GSF:
Green Trends:
Planting saplings and maintenance of ecosystem, is our small contribution to us in the green revolution.
Natural Calamities:
Providing relief in the form of food material & Shelter in times of natures fury - earthquakes, floods, droughts, etc.
Friends of human Race :
Animals in distress are given food shelters & medications with care & affection.
Care & Share:
Aged, Destitute women & Children, Physically Challenged persons are given food cloths and medications with regular donations.
Save a Life:
Regular Blood Donations, Camp are organized. Special drive for eye & organ donation has been initiated.
Dusk to Down:
Children of Employees are given study material & Educational Funds.
The foundation of these projects are built on our culture of giving back to the community in which we operate & encouraging our employees to follow in our direction.
Client feedback & suggestions are analyses and incorporated in our performance review & evaluations. We have received appraisal for our performance in all sectors in the field of Security.
Performance comprises of two active ingredients – Commitment & Competence. Commitment is a combination of Confidence & Motivation. Confidence is a function of Knowledge & Skills.
Symphony & Harmony tones the ear of the performance. A great performer is the one who delivers at a set standard of great caliber.
Success is attained only with a winning attitude & quality performance. We strive to convert every moment to momentum in the right direction. The capacity to deliver what we have promised decides greatness.
“ A Good will follows the values
A Great one rewrite them”
The Trust you repose on us will make us achieve our goal. Secure anything anywhere.
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